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...Mindful Joy in Practice

Mindful Joy in Practice

Mindfulness is the practice of purposefully bringing our attention to the present moment with openness to what we find. 

 It’s the opportunity to simply be, to rest just as you are. Joy is a state of wonder and well-being. 

 You’re here to open yourself to a practice of purposefully exploring and opening to your Joy, Well-being 

and a greater sense of wonder at the Magic unfolding around us, as us. I’m excited for you to get started! 

 Welcome your deepest Self, to your inner Light, to a deep Connection to your Body, Mind and Heart...Welcome!

What We Offer

Candy Jo Evans, Yoga Candy, provides in-person, live virtual and recorded online Yoga classes in a variety of formats including: flowing Vinyasa style classes that get your heart-rate up and make you sweat a bit, Yin and Restorative style classes that provide a slow and mindful approach to releasing tension from the deepest layers of the body, Gentle and Chair style classes that make yoga accessible to everyone, and workshops and special classes organized around a specific theme or season. Mindfulness and Meditation classes, Tai Chi and Shamanic and Holistic Healing practices round out the offerings provided to help you find the right mix of elements to bring you joy and well-being. Check out the Offerings tab for more details.

Laughing Buddha Yoga School is a Yoga Teacher Training and Continuing Education Program of both in-person and online training options. Yoga teachers can find workshops and online training options to maintain and increase their skill. These can be used as continuing education for registration with the Yoga Alliance. Yoga Teacher Training is done in small groups to insure plenty of personal attention and practice teaching during the program. If you have been looking for a Yoga Teacher Training opportunity, please check out the Laughing Buddha Yoga School tab for more details. I look forward to exploring how we can work together to create more Mindful Joy in the world.  


To bring the Joy of Mindful Attention, Yoga and other Holistic Practices and Well-Being to all Beings, everywhere.  You are Welcome here.  Thank you for Sharing your Energy, Love and Dedication.